Shawn Redd

Shawn Redd is known for many business ventures. His most recognizable brand is probably the chain of laundromats in the Navajo Nation area known as Redd's Laundry. However, many people do not realize that long before Redd's Laundry became a reality, he owned not one but two auto parts stores in the region and made an unqualified success of them before corporate difficulties caused them to close. Many people in the Navajo Nation still remember fondly the convenience of having a Napa Auto Parts store nearby and miss that convenience now that the stores are closed.

The odyssey that led to the opening of these stores began when he was only three years old. That year, his mother died, leaving him a legacy of his heritage through the Navajo Nation. She herself was a member of the Lichee Chapter of the Navajo Nation and believed strongly in bringing the very best in goods and services to her people. As such, she was a pioneer in helping native women gain access to the latest health and beauty products. When she died, her dream lay dormant for some time until he was in high school. At that time, a family tragedy propelled him to the head of his mother's company, Redd/Lichee Corporation or RLC.

When he was in high school and suddenly found himself head of the corporation, he did not fold under pressure as so many young people might have done. Instead, he turned to his family who helped him negotiate with the Navajo Nation to create a business plan to open an auto parts store. The corporation purchased a piece of property located in Shiprock, Arizona. There, he opened his first Napa Auto Parts store. It was an immediate success.

People from all over the Navajo Nation area traveled to the store to find quality auto parts at low prices. They were all pleased that such a store existed so nearby since it had previously been a long journey to find auto parts. The store became one of the most successful in Genuine Parts Companies' Albuquerque Region. The parent company asked the corporation if they would be interested in opening a new Napa Auto Parts store in the region. A spot was selected in Gallup, New Mexico for the second store.Unfortunately, before that dream could become a reality, inventory control issues with the parent company became a problem. Not only did the Gallup store fail to materialize but eventually the Arizona store was threatened as well. The store eventually closed to the general dismay of the surrounding neighborhoods.

However, although the stores ended up closing, the lessons learned by the corporation and the young entrepreneur were not lost. Later, he would take those same business lessons and apply them to his future ventures such as Redd's Laundry, making those businesses successful in spite of the issues and problems that surrounded them. Today, he is a highly respected businessman with a successful track record thanks to his early lessons.


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